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Who ıs Navı Group?

With our years of experience, we are proud to be the first brand that comes to mind in sectors and areas such as maritime and maritime transportation, yacht and merchant vessel charter/brokering port/terminal management and all kind services/supplies. We are introducing Navi Group to the whole world in the maritime sector by enlarging our goals day by day and providing more breakthroughs, and by closely following the innovations and developments in international transportation and maritime field, we offer our customers the safest and fastest transportation services by equipping our ships and ports/terminals with the latest technology and innovations. Sea freight, which contributes to the development of the mainly Black Sea, Mediterranean sea and other seas Navi Group, as a family, Marmara, Aegean and opening up to the ocean from the Mediterranean sea as we carry the confidence and happiness to overseas …

With our environmentally friendly modern ships, the Navi Group family brings your needs from beyond the seas wherever you are Port Operations, Ship Chartering, Services, all kind of ship brokering and other companies by providing consultancy services on all step of maritime field and transportation related branches for 20 years. Has always managed to be. We are always ready to go further with our experienced and expert staff and experienced Ship employees.

We offer a world wide range of services, for every point of maritime field!