22 Eyl, 2020

It Wıll Accelerate the Fındıng of Oıl

22 Eyl, 2020

Discovery of Natural Gas in the Black Sea Will Accelerate the Discovery of Petroleum

Reminding that drilling deeper than 5 thousand meters had been carried out in 5 places in the Black Sea, Korkmaz said that the reserve deposits were either dry or there were signs of gas in one or two.

Underlining that Fatih Drilling Ship, which drilled in 8 regions in the Mediterranean, found natural gas reserves in its first drilling in the Black Sea, Korkmaz said, “It was found in the Black Sea Ereğli offshore, in the region corresponding to the middle of the Black Sea and the part on our side. It will be the accelerator for future studies. It will also constitute the basis for future studies. I also believe that the discovery of natural gas in the Black Sea will add a great momentum to oil exploration. ” said.

“Turkey spends 40-45 billion dollars per year for energy needs. We are importing from the outside close to the oil 95 percent, we are producing our own resources also a 5 part per cent. Where natural gas is 98 percent we are importing from the outside. The Energy 40- We pay an average of 12-13 billion dollars of the output of 45 billion dollars for natural gas. The availability of natural gas in our country means that an annual average of 13-14 billion dollars will remain in our budget as surplus money. We are unfortunately dependent on foreign countries around 90% in energy. no matter what, we have to find our own sources of energy. “